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We've been in the computer business for 30 years, started prior to the Original IBM PC. Worked for one organization for 15 years and ended up supporting over 1000 computers on a multi site network. Since 2000 have worked for individuals and small businesses with from 1 to about 12 computers. This has involved networking, servers, printer sharing, network printers, wireless access (WEP, WPA & Unsecured), firewalls (Hardware and software), Hubs/switches/programmable switches, remote access, and 56k dial-up, ISDN and broadband modems, etc.

We were originally involved in repairing electronic equipment mainly keyboards and synthesizers, but they gradually became computerized and more reliable, so started repairing arcade video's, vending machines and other micro controlled equipment as well. Unfortunately, or may be fortunately, these sources dried up, the companies moved away, were bought up and transferred elsewhere, and in one case found somebody who'd do the job cheaper. So we started to concentrate much more on computers like the BBC, Spectrum and CPM machines, and then along came the IBM PC.

Now there's very little repair, but the changing of modules, mainly cheap PSU's and early ADSL modems, Routers, cheap Ethernet switches and the occasional hard disk..

Most of our work now comes from crashed OS's, and updates for the OS, hardware device drivers, firewall's, virus checkers and spyware system's as they become out of date and are no longer supported.